School FAQ

Questions About St. Paul’s School

Does my family have to be a St. Paul’s church member to enroll a student?

    — No, we welcome all students from our community and the surrounding areas, regardless of their denomination or faith background.  All students and their families are always invited to attend St. Paul’s church services if they do not have a church home.

How are religion classes handled?

— While we integrate faith in all we teach, each classroom also teaches a religion curriculum, based on Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod beliefs.  We welcome discussion from all students, from varying denominations, with the goal of teaching the salvation we have through Jesus Christ and teaching Biblical knowledge.

What is chapel?

— Each Wednesday, we hold a brief worship service (“chapel”) for Kindergarten through 8th grade, led by Pastor Wonnacott. Preschool joins us for chapel once a month. This includes a message and children’s hymns and songs. Families are also invited to attend.

What is Confirmation class?

— Confirmation classes are taught by Pastor Wonnacott to 8th grade students. These classes offer a more comprehensive, Lutheran faith education, based on the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism. They are required for those students desiring full membership to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

What other subjects does St. Paul’s teach?

— Similar to a public school, we teach classes in reading, English, math, phonics, spelling, social studies, science, music, art, and PE. We also offer religion classes and Bible-based memory work. In 6th through 8th grades, we offer advanced classes in Literature, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra.

How can I apply for financial aid?

— St. Paul’s is a Choice School, offering Choice Scholarships (previously known as vouchers). We also offer scholarships through SGO, Church and School Partnerships, and need-based assistance. Applications are available from this website and the school office.

How can parents become involved?

— We are blessed by dedicated partnerships with our school families. St. Paul’s PTL is an excellent way to become involved, offering many volunteer opportunities. We also like to see family involvement in the classroom, such as by becoming a room parent or chaperoning a field trip. Understanding the complexity of families’ schedules, the amount of involvement is up to you! Involvement in the school can equal scholarship money!

Does St. Paul’s offer IEP or Individualized Education Programs?  

— While we do not have special education programs, per se, we do work with BPS to assess those students with additional needs, and to develop and implement IEPs and speech therapy.

How do St. Paul’s students acclimate to public high school?

— The advantage of being in a strong, small community is the interaction all of our students have with each other. Most of our students participate in community sports, and we encourage involvement in BPS Middle School Band, Choir, and sports programs. Most of our students also do well academically in high school, becoming top students in their grades.