St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Schools Campus Use Policy

The following guidelines and form are to be used for the rental of facilities at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Bremen Indiana. The included link to a printable form is used to initiate the rental and convey requirements for the facilities. The form also allows for tracking of the event, deposits, and refund after the event.

Scheduling is handled thru the Church Office and Event Calendar is maintained by Church Secretary and Church Properties Chairman as listed on the guideline and form.

To ensure proper building care, security, and safety of all involved, all organizations/groups/St. Paul’s members using the buildings/property of the St. Paul’s campus agree to the following guidelines:

  • A campus use request form must be filled out and on file with the church office prior to the event. 

St. Paul’s Administrative Board-sponsored Events and St. Paul’s member requests will have priority over non-member requests. St. Paul’s Parish Planning Council/ Pastors have the right to refuse any request.

  • The rental fee and a $75 refundable cleaning/damage deposit (2 separate checks) payable to 

         “St. Paul’s Lutheran Church”  is due at the time of reservation.

  • Deposit check will be refunded, after inspection, the week following the event.
  • Rental fee and deposit are waived for St. Paul’s administrative board/congregational events.

up to  4 HOUR RENTAL   (not including set up time)

  • Church…………………..$125.00
  • Bethany Room……….$125.00
  • Gymnasium……………$125.00  (without tarps)

                      ……………$200.00 (with tarps down)

  • Jerusalem Room …..   $50.00

       7 HOUR RENTAL  or more (not including set up time)

  • Church…………………….$300.00
  • Bethany Room………..$300.00
  • Gymnasium…………….$300.00  (without tarps)

                      …………….$375.00  (with tarps down)

  • Request form should be completed and approved at least two weeks prior to the event. (If possible)
  • Damage to church or school owned properties will be charged the current full repair/replacement cost. This applies to both non-members and members.
  • A Facility Supervisor will be present at the site during the time it is being used. He/she will open and close the facility. You will be provided with a phone number of that person on the date of the event.
  • LATE FEE : Events that last longer than the scheduled time will be assessed a late fee of $75.00 per each additional hour (or fraction of an hour). Please respect the Building Coordinator’s time;  they are contracted for the time you specify for the event. 
  • Renters (those who are using the facilities) are responsible for cleaning up after the event.
  • Return everything to the original setting. Brooms, vacuums, and trash bags will be available. All trash must be taken to the dumpster outside. Make sure all surfaces are wiped clean. Check restrooms before leaving. Turn off all lights before leaving.
  • YOUR USE OF THE BUILDING IS LIMITED TO THE SPACE REQUESTED IN THIS AGREEMENT. Other areas of the building/campus are off limits.  Additional fees will be charged for the use of unscheduled areas at the standard rate.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. The building and grounds are off limits to unsupervised children- no exceptions.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Schools are not responsible for loss or damage of personal property or equipment.
  • St. Paul’s campus and buildings are a tobacco and alcohol free facility.
  • Food and drink are prohibited from the stage area of the gymnasium.
  • Food and drink are prohibited from the gym floor, unless it is covered (for receptions, banquets, performances, and special events)

Building Coordinator:  Todd Haug – Ph: (575) 209-1215

Campus Scheduling Procedures:

Please use the link to download and print the form as viewed below. St. Paul’s Lutheran Campus Scheduling Form or picked up from Church Office during business hours. Submission of the form must be to the Church Office during normal business hours with the deposit check for the event.

Any questions should be directed to the Church Secretary or Todd Haug at the numbers listed on the form.

Confirmation of the facility rental will be provided by Todd Haug or Church Secretary by phone. If you have not received feedback at least 1 week prior to your event please call and check on status with Todd Haug or Church Secretary.


Date Submitted:__________________ Date of Event:__________________ Time:____________________

Name of Event:_________________________________________________________________________

Event Leader(s):________________________________________________________________________

Contact Information:(If different than event leader)

Name(s):__________________________________    __________________________________________

Telephone:______________________ Cell:______________________ Email:_______________________

Start Time:___________________ End Time:______________________ (Include setup and cleanup time)

Gymnasium:________ Tables and Chairs needed? _____ yes _____no ______# tables ______# chairs

Bethany Room:______ Tables and Chairs needed? _____ yes _____no ______# tables ______# chairs

Will the Kitchen be used? _____ yes _____no

Jerusalem Room: _______ Other:______   ______________________________________________

Equipment Needed:______________________________________________________________________

Extra Information for Building Coordinator:




Important!  Please Read Building Use Guidelines and Sign Below:

Signature:____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Reservations are considered pending until approved and notified by the office.

Office Use Only:

______________ Date approved/ calendar updated  _______________ Date of Deposit $____________

______________ Event Coordinator Notified             _______________ Date of Deposit $____________

_______________ Date Returned/Deposited 

Church: 574-546-2332     Office Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm(noon) (M-F) 
Building Coordinator:  Todd Haug  Ph: 574-209-1215