God Builds His Living House

Sermon Text Genesis 11:1-9 I. God built your first parents _____________ (Genesis 1–2).II. Man tries to build by himself, ___________ (vs 1–4).III. God builds ___________ by His Spirit.IV. By His Spirit, God builds us ______________________.V. By the same Spirit, God builds __________ into the Church.

Christ, the Church’s Truth and Mission

Sermon Text John 17:20-26 I. Because of the unity of the Father and the Son, the Word becoming flesh makes the Father ________________________.II. Because of the unity of the Son ___________ the word of the apostles makes the Father known to the world.III. Because the apostles’ word ____________, we make Christ and the Father known to the world.

A Match Made In Heaven

Sermon Text Revelation 21:1-7 Sermon “A Match Made In Heaven” By this fruit of the first wedding reception, do thee _______________________. The angel announces the wedding of Jesus and His Church of ____________________. This time the wedding banquet is a foretaste of the _______________________________.