Sermons (Page 3)

Faith in Trial

Sermon Text Hebrews 11:17-31 (32-40); 12:1-3 Sermon “Faith in Trial” I.Like the ancients, we Christians face adversities and trials ____________________________.II. God’s faithfulness to the saints of old is evidence of His faithfulness to us through ______________________________.III.Therefore, as God sustained the ancients on their earthly pilgrimage to the better life with Christ, we prevail in faith in His deliverance, _______________________________.

The Father Has Left Us an Inheritance

Sermon Text Genesis 15:1-6 Sermon “The Father Has Left Us an Inheritance” I. You have the place of a son________________________________________. II. You have a certain and bright future _______________.III. Yours and mine is an enduring, eternal heritage.A. At life’s end, old men reflect on _______________. B. The inheritance Abram has to give is folded in with ______________________________.C. The Father in heaven gives…

Once More unto the Breach

Sermon Text 1 Kings 19:9b–21 Sermon “Once More unto the Breach” Elijah was disillusioned to the point of thinking there was _______________________. We may feel disillusioned to the point of believing ___________________________. But God still had work for Elijah to do—with the ____________________. God still has work for us to do—with the assurance of ________________.

What Shall We Make of Jesus?

1.Jesus is ______________________________ , one with the Father from eternity.(Luke 1:26-27, 31-32, 35; Luke 2:11; Matthew 3:17;17:5) 2.If we believe Jesus is God, our Savior, we will _______________________________ has to say.(Psalm 119:160; Psalm 33:11; Matthew 24:35) 3.The direction God gives those who truly believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior is that they ______________________________.(Matthew 7:21-23) 4.What we make of Jesus is ______for…

God Builds His Living House

Sermon Text Genesis 11:1-9 I. God built your first parents _____________ (Genesis 1–2).II. Man tries to build by himself, ___________ (vs 1–4).III. God builds ___________ by His Spirit.IV. By His Spirit, God builds us ______________________.V. By the same Spirit, God builds __________ into the Church.

Christ, the Church’s Truth and Mission

Sermon Text John 17:20-26 I. Because of the unity of the Father and the Son, the Word becoming flesh makes the Father ________________________.II. Because of the unity of the Son ___________ the word of the apostles makes the Father known to the world.III. Because the apostles’ word ____________, we make Christ and the Father known to the world.